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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Someone Deserves a Slap! >A<

My manager awesomely did not tell me I'm not needed at work on Monday =.= So I came to work just to be told that I'm not working wtf =.= At this rate, I might leave by January. Called Audrey and we headed to the Comma and Elianto warehouse sales. Damage to my pocket? Only RM6 =D

Either those are miniatures or the pencil is huge XD Your guess?

Mini lip gloss with a fairy charm =D

Mousse blusher, both items only cost me RM5 =D

Big pencillll *paws* for my Coffy cosplay =D and it's only RM1!


  1. your Mama wants cheap stuff too >(

  2. yeah its worth a buy, so bad manager no tell you