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Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 in a Nutshell

I flipped through my blog for my 2009 resolutions...

  1. Improve results (gods how hard it is to achieve this) FAILED

  2. Get a better personality? (tolerance is very hard to come by) FAILED

  3. Buy a camera! (prosumer most probably) FAILED

  4. Better dressing! =D (girls must look pretty~)

  5. Not to ffk any cosplay plans. FAILED

  6. Fix face condition.

  7. GET SKINNY and tone (omg I nearly forgot this, it should be in no.2!) FAILED

  8. Juggle work and study again.

  9. Remain silent. FAILED

  10. Pick up something to work on (what it is will be a secret~) FAILED


  12. Get more friends to lean on. (poor them lol) FAILED

I've only achieved 4!!!! *jawdrops* Ok it was better than I expected since I didn't achieve any in 2008 XD;;

Best moments

  • Langkawi trip getting tipsy

  • Internship

  • Birthday bashes


  • Not buying 1 particular dress

  • Unable to let go

  • Not going and socializing D8

This is out of topic but I must upload my 2 recent items!

A christmas present from Jared 8D

My new kickass boots. Original price was RM139, guess how much I got it for 8D

My new freebies from Kiehl's Xmas party =D


  1. ~let go about what? :P

  2. # Not to ffk any cosplay plans. - FAILED

    PIF! This better come true next year or I'd shake the life outta you!