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Monday, December 28, 2009

Restoran Kim Kee Nom Nom

My second time eating at this place and I have no regrets =D. Had dinner there for Christmas Eve.

It's not really a noodle house. You can order dishes at night. The place is located at Taman Len Seng.

This is the dish my whole family can't stop eating. The onion rings can send A&W packing up!

Sweet and sour fish, nothing to hoohaa there.

Super green vege XD Cooked nicely so it was easy to bite through.

Egg fried with prawns.

Comes with free soup and total for 4 of us only came up to RM48 =D. The other day we ordered 3 dishes for 3 people and it only came up to RM27 huhu~

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