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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Open Your Eyes

Earlier I was reading some fanfic whereby the main character works as a wedding planner and it occurred to me, I'm graduating next year and it'll be time to find a job. I've never narrow down my choices to what jobs I'm interested in but what I've always liked is to plan. 

The joys of running around rushing like crap. You get to collect and build contacts and deal with people who talk all high and mighty like they know everything. Fuss over picky clients and lying that it's good when it's not just to make them happy and you yourself will be laughing your ass of, making face with your partner in crime behind them. Great view to see the success of your plan. Coming back tired and crashing to bed straight away, won't need to wait for hours to fall into a deep sleep ever again!

Hmm it sounds fun and nasty at the same time XD;;; around 53 days left until my 6 week holiday =D;;


  1. just 53 days left mer??? we got 6 weeks holiday?? so syok ya? can travel d..... should plan it out....

  2. Should be 53 days including the dateline to submit the final report lol. We have exam week and study week to enjoy too don't forget =P