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Monday, February 23, 2009

On A Food Troll

I've been in the mood for some different food cravings. One minute I would be craving for some fine dining and the next minute I'd be craving to have a tuna pastry at Delifrance. Gah! x_X ....and now I crave for some plain soba.

Today my parents decided to eat somewhere else instead of the usual coffee shops nearby (finally!) so we headed to Glutton Square in Pudu =D

They call the place 'Wai Sek Kai' but honestly it gets the title Oodles Noodles Street (okay that sounded kinda cute lol) from me. Most of the shops sell just about any noodles there is and some kept repeating.... The smell was unbearable as the air was filled with the stench of roaches. I was only there for one thing...

Egg custard!!! <333 It's so sweet and the texture is smooth~ *drools*

The oven has been repaired and it wasn't my fault so you people can stop snickering now! So happens the capacitor broke down when I decided to bake >_>;; My braces are going at a very slow pace so they decided to use a harder wire. Now I just can't chomp on crispy stuff without wincing for the next few days.

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