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Friday, February 27, 2009


After getting hit by so many waves of frustration I bring you the details for the Langkawi trip.

Depature from LCCT - 6th May 10.20am
Return from Langkawi - 8th May 10.40pm

Air fare + SkyBus - RM130
Accomodations - RM60
Car rental + Petrol - RM50

Total RM240 per person. I'm not gonna be a mommy and budget your food too but I can tell you roughly what we're gonna have. Breakfast will prolly be at the nearby cafe that sells pastry sets for RM3.90 and comes with coffee. For dinner it's definitely seafood =D. Chinese style for the first night and Thai on the second night. Your hand carry luggage must not exceed 7kg if you wanna avoid charges.


  • Beach~ bring your bikinis gals and for the guys, suck those fats in!

  • Jetski <-- must do! bring marnee people!

  • Shopping! Yea we're gonna raid every shopping centre!

  • Alcohol <-- at least 1 round for my darling babies who are turning 21 this year and have never touched cocktails~

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  1. you should mention d date for the trip!