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Friday, February 20, 2009

Vacancy: Traveling buddies

A male and female needed as a traveling buddy regardless of age, skin color, height, width, stupidity, or social class.


  • Can pay for their own expenses.

  • Doesn't mind backpacking.

Date: 31st April or 6th May
Venue: Langkawi you asshats

  • Flight - RM80 (tax included)

  • Lodgings - RM30 per person for a night

  • Car rental - RM50-70 per day

  • Petrol - $$$

  • F&B - $$$

A 3-4 day holiday depending on what you wish to do, I'll arrange it. Car rental and petrol expenses will be divided among 4-5 people. The guesthouse looks cosy and the owner has 3 dogs and a puppy there so do bring treats =D

I've done my work, now it's time for you faggots to confirm your bums for the trip. It's during peak season so I like to make bookings as early as possible.