Speak some nyan

Monday, February 2, 2009


I've totally overspent for the year of january XD;; Very tempted to take my angpow money just to spend on clothes but I've been always putting my angpow money into the bank out of habit since little so in it goes >.<

This means some goal setting needed! Only buy 2 things a month MAX! 1 piece of clothing/bag/shoes and 1 make up item. My urge to experiment on make up has been so strong that I've really stretched my finances to the limits to satisfy my greed and surprisingly I didn't feel any pressure from it.

It's so sad not being a working adult T__T Am really tempted to work for PC Fair again but if I do, I'll have to juggle my work and my final internship report *sighs*


  1. You buy more clothes in a month than I do in a year! :P

  2. There's too many interesting stuff *o*/ Am starting to wear more pieces when I go out haha.

  3. D: i have to limit myself when i go to japan... only one wafuku/kimono item every two weeks maybe? because i can not imagine buying just one item each month, that would be torture...