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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Work Report

Truthfully saying, PC Fair was the most enjoyable experience compared to Hotlink. My colleagues were all super happy people and we kept taking chances, scrunching up flyers and throw at each other XD Food was also awesome IF I wasn't having braces. They serve us chicken, veggies and an egg with fried rice so I pretty much threw away the chicken for every meal >_>;;

Customers there were much better too. Most of them were so polite >o</ Wat I got when I was working at KL Sentral was just leecherous old Indian uncles. The foreigners were open to my explanations but the rest just ran away when they heard the mouse costs RM79. Wouldn't blame them haha even I wouldn't buy it.

The booth arrangement was a little weird. All the rubbish items was placed at random halls. Usually it'll all be at the last hall. This time the last hall was occupied by TONS of cockroaches aka the Great Wall of Promoters =A= SERIOUSLY.

We have UMobile and Maxis roaches and also P1

And there's celcom roaches.

And lastly DiGi

On the third day I prepared food since they feed us at such ungodly hours >_> Lunch at 4pm and dinner at 6pm >_>

The mouse I wanted cuz it looked like a puppy trampled on it but RM39!!! DX

My very own tag~ <3

Another cat angle XD

Sunday night, everyone crowded in one circle to hear the results cuz we're required to reach the 70k target to get commission:

Supervisor: Guys..... we're short by RM7.
(everyone starts promoting like crazy at the last minute and finally Nicholas bought the classic keyboard at RM19)
Everyone: w00ts! Commission!!!
Nicholas: Hey! How about thanking me???? D:
(Then a customer came...)
Customer: How much is this webcam?
(And Nicholas orzes at the corner XD)

Came back feeling totally pooped so I made history by preparing for exams at 10am on the day of exam =A= Paper didn't go very smoothly sadly so I'll just have to hope for the best. Last one to go.

The day became crappier when I decided to collect my costume. It was a disaster so to speak. Lots of problems which I can't be bothered to elaborate here. Just too darn frustrated =( and the message that came along added on to my frus meter.

Now I'm back with another fever so time to hide under the blankets~


  • Thread and wax (argh need mental preperation)

  • Collect specs

  • Redo plushie


  • Ingredients

  • Mess up someones kitchen


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  1. I give up doing the bootcovers. Will concentrate on watching shows instead. :P