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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yesterday was epic for me because... I didn't shower the whole day! @A@ Don't ask why. I stinked really bad, regretted it, scrubbed myself super clean and now my hair smells so strongly of the shampoo I used.

Exam was hard as ever and my brain was blank >_> I can see the silent look from most saying 'Seeya at supp paper'. High chances I'll be joining as well. After exams there was no time to mope as there was our thesis to be thinking about so went to the library to check on potential topics to be used.

Came back to expect 2 packages but one of the postman was confused with the block number so one package. I now join the FreeBra Club <333


  • Ranka's mic and head bow

  • Alter Ranka's top if possible

  • Chop Tianzi's wig

  • Make Tianzi's spools

  • Get Euphie's cream skirt

Doesn't include other miscellaneous stuffs gurgh and it's 10 days away *headwalls*

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  1. I had something to say, but i forgot after reading the club part