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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Aftermath of Stress Week

The most epic 2 weeks of the year has passed DX. I'm still awake and dang proud of myself for making it through even though I got super sick halfway. Now everything's gone except for the sore throat. I'm glad I made those cupcakes and gave em out as Christmas presents. Sorry if it's a bit stale guys cuz we made em on Friday morning before rushing for set up. Stayover at Teri's house on Thursday night since parents were away and I was still pretty sick. Gosh what an experience..... cockroaches walk around the place happily! >_> 2 came out when we went down for some cosplay work plans. TWO DAMMIT! T-W-O!

Set up was a pain since there wasn't any aircond and most of the people were conveniently unavailable. Lots of make ups for us to grab~ new lip gloss and eye shadow. Rooms were a bit shocking too, try picturing 5 people sharing 2 single beds. The room was cramped for 5 and there's only 1 socket. Bathroom was gorgeous except for the weird pear painting hanging beside the toilet wtf.

Day 1 - Dressed as Ranka and worked my body to the hall. God knows which idiot decided to turn our poor Coffy mascot into some fucked up PINK lolita freak wannabe which is such an opposite when you look at the promo flyers and posters.

Group cosplay wasn't that awesome and I got pretty bored judging most of them. Audio quality wasn't that good either which made it worse. Job was done by 3 and I went back to the hotel and crashed till the post mortem. Late night wig styling till 2 at Daniel's and was awesomely locked out by Audrey >_>;;

Day 2 - A sick Tianzi in action with a lot of people telling me I look half-dead. Quite happy that many came up to me and complimented on the costume~ >o< but my wig was an uber mess. I totally forgot to bring my gel >__< need better make up skills too. Lighting sucked so bad, it's lucky I didn't accept many photo requests.

Overall it was tiring but I enjoy the rush of working. As much as people said CF was a success, yeah we were a success, at licking our sposors shoes of course and making fans more disappointed this year. Usage of storage room was also abused by non comm people. Eventhough you're close to the comm and shit, that doesn't give you the privilege to use it as a nap room or make up room. We have fucking expensive stuff inside, what better way to make yourself as a suspect. Call me bias or a person who doesn't appreciate friends but when it comes to work, comm are comm and friends are just friends. You don't get extra privileges from me if you're my friend. This is very unprofessional for a large scale event as this. Am looking forward for some revolution in the committee. And my future friends are so gonna hate me somehow for having this kind of work behavior.

Putting my work personality side, I'd like to thank Pat for dragging me and Audrey into the photo despite feeling so unwelcomed >__< We've never been into the chan and are super loney people atm so it's nice to have that 10 minute moment surrounded by people whom we used to gossip with.


  1. *Huggles* I'm glad you're there too!

  2. :) thank you darling for the cupcake <3 i appreciate it so much and i'm so touched that you consider me to be part of your life...

    see you soon XD

  3. *pats* That's not gonna scare anyone away unless they DO befriend you for advantageous purpose only lol. Besides, it is the right thing to do. Just like at my booth for example, both me and my friend put our foot down when it comes to people dumping their stuff there and wander off. We got so pissed off cause the bulk caused us to trip a lot, and if their stuffs are missing we'll be blamed for sure. Still, I have to agree with you for that matter....I still remember your expression when you told me that XDDDD

    And gratz on being in the picture...I managed to escape that picture lol. I think I was heading to the car park at that time to dump my doujin stuff hahahaha....*realizes she's not in CF07, GACC08 and CF08 IRC picture this time* LOL