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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Rocky Road Up, Lush Green Additions

Won't say my revision has been a breeze. My night felt like someone latched me on the car exhaust and took the car out for a joy ride.

The ride up isn't pleasant at all but I don't have the choice don't I? Let's just face this with such a damn strong grudge in our hearts yet a smile on our faces peeps =P

Got hauled to the 7th Trade and Consumer Fair at Mines Exhibition Centre.

The hall is so big >w</ and the fair occupied 2 floors. Well technically MPH took over the whole second floor. They pretty much divide the halls into Jalan Masjid India, Kitchen and Appliances and Wai Sek Kai Road (please don't take the section names seriously lol).

I comb through the Indian stalls to find and assortment of jewellery, punjabi suits and lots of shawls =D. Quite a nice coincedence since I've wanted to get another Pashmina scarf for some time <3 and it's a good time cuz they were priced at RM10 per piece! XD Was very tempted to get some bangles but the idea of them jingling while I'm walking down the streat doesn't appeal to me.

Next was the Kitchen and Appliances section. There's also banks and property investment companies there that keep pestering the crap outta you to join their road to hell. The award for the most annoying booth goes to Maybank Etika for they even pester you while you're on the phone swts.

Then came the most awaited section. Food and samples time! >o< which I was darn grateful for as I was freezing in that hall. There was.... Vono, Seri Aji, Eu Yan Sang, Purple Cane, Seremban Siew Pau and a lot more I can't remember lol. I only remembered the ones that I nomnom 8D (shameless).

I was horribly tempted to ask them whether they need this for future promotions since the cage will serve my Nunnally costume well >w<b

Steam irons! and one of them is sitting in my mom's room now =D

My car spent its time enjoying this nice view under the rain while the rest of us were away.

Finally my prize, a lovely fresh green Pashmina shawl *w*. I actually took this color to match the summer green maxi dress I have so technically I can wear it for a social function coming up haha. Now on the hunt for matching slippers for it >__<

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