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Saturday, December 27, 2008

O Holy Crap~

Now these are stuff worth buying and WEARING than hanging cakes and biscuits on my ears and neck *rolls eyes* Have a Round Bean
You can customize what charms to chuck on your bracelet and they have a few pretty charms for Christmas! <3 Darn I wish I saw this earlier so that I can get myself a Christmas present. Okay I know my first sentence really sounded like an insult but hey I'll shut up now lol.

My Christmas season was spent in Ipoh of all places *facepalms*. All I did for Christmas was being a driver and traveling 700km. Awesome ain't it, well report will be up when my phone is charged.

I realized that throughout this year, everyone slim down and reduced weight except ME DX. Having your grandma telling you that you look HAGGARD, I definitely blame my third semester for this. Since it's the end of the year, time to list down the things that I've accomplished and be proud of myself instead of moping and adding the number of wrinkles to my face.

  1. I dyed my hair for the first time.

  2. Braces which didn't hurt much thankfully.

  3. Worked 3 kinds of jobs.

  4. I'VE WAXED =D

  5. The first time I've decided put a stop from being emotionally abused.

  6. Become a model? *o*;;;;

  7. Drove my car to insanity literally.

  8. Been at deaths door twice.

  9. Fever for a total of 4 times.


  11. Cantonese level up =D;;; all thanks to cosplay.

  12. Being so lovable till I deserve Junjou manga 1-7 *is still stunned to get it*

Okay obviously some of them are just rubbish but as long as I'm proud of em!


  1. Onii-chan said his friends/colleagues loved you for the modelling cause you were so cute! :D

  2. Really? @o@;;; *feels so malu* I haven't seen anything yet though x_X

  3. Yeah, I told him I was waiting for the article. Will poke him later for it. :P