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Monday, December 1, 2008

Jam Packed Life

Oh wow I just realized my schedule is quite packed for December so it's impossible to squeeze another job in there =( Right now it's so blardy pack till it only leaves me a day or two to study for my exams eventhough those 3 papers are so many days apart from each other. Don't ask me why am I pushing myself to this extent, I have my reasons.

Got my hands on some Anime recently and I'm having so much trouble with mkv files grrrr It just lags and lags no matter what players I use T__T I'm done watching all the avi files ;_; now there's nothing left for me to watch D:

Also suddenly have this urge to block everyone out from my life again. Letting stupid people know me is one of the regrets I made in life. But that will slowly change.....

By the way...

Say hello to Midnight, my sayang =D


  1. The cat looks so molestable. Is it yours?

  2. I wish XD;; it's just a random cat at the coffee shop but I liked it cuz of the pattern on its coat and has a very nice anime-ish meow =P