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Monday, July 30, 2012

illy Coffee Workshop

Firstly, gotta thank Silvy for having me along for the coffee workshop *_*. She scored invites from TimeOutKL. The workshop was held last week at their HQ Università del Caffé della Malesia
in Phileo Damansara.

Reached there on time but had trouble with the parking. The visitor's basement parking is scary!! and with crime happening just about every corner, I just parked outside nearby the payment office. It rained that morning so I was one of the early birds XD
The class room environment. Very spacious :3 for a class of 10

Treated to my first cup of coffee while waiting for the others :D
Super expensive coffee brewing equipment at the side of the classroom
Silvy's pretty cup :D
The main highlights of the workshop lies in the core of coffee which is Espressooooooo. The workshop was conducted by Evelyn. She talked a bit about the history of the University and illy company and then the difference between Robusta and Arabica coffee beans.
Raw coffee beans. Can you guess which is Robusta, which is Arabica? :D
Arabica beans
Robusta beans! 
Can you tell the difference? :D Arabica beans are more oval and the clear identification would be the deep line in the middle of the bean.
Evelyn describing the differences.
Eric explaining the conditions to have the perfect espresso. So many requirements @_@
Next comes the fun part which is the hands on version!! 8D where we'll be able to try doing our own cup of coffee and attempt at coffee art hehehehe
The senior barista showing us how to use the espresso machine
The perfect espresso. See that the bottom layer is brown and there's a thick layer on top? :D
We were given a chance to taste the difference between a good espresso and a poorly brewed one *gulps*
Next he showed us how to steam the milk. The best temperature is 64C
On the left is smooth foam from the milk, on the right is bubbly foam you get from mamak stores XD;;
Next he showed us how to make the perfect cup of coffee
He made it all seem so easy!!! DX
If all else fails, there's always the stop sign =w=b
Students teaming up in pairs to try making their own cup of coffee
Silvy and her cup of coffee :D Our team is the only one that burned our milk OTL
He then showed us a few more ways to make coffee art <3
Group photo with everyone. All of us looking at different cameras rofl
Worth getting up at 8am on a Sunday morning! XD I really enjoyed the class. It was more like a refresher's course for me since I've went for Starbucks classes back in my college days. No harm brushing up~ *w*/

Again, thank you so much illy and Silvy! (hey it rhymes! 8D)

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