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Friday, July 20, 2012

Achievements Unlocked!

Yay! Got a bunch of good news and achievements rolling in this week, some I can't tell yet but I'd really like to scream happily about some things over here so bear with me! :D

1. 15 July 2012 - Yay for Retainers!
My braces for the top row of my teeth came off and I got my first set of retainers! :D
Clear retainers :D looks like Invisalign braces doesn't it? XD
The dentist gave me these Clear Retainers rather than the standard retainers since I've got a sensitive gag reflex. Oh they had such a hard time trying to force the mold in my mouth even with the smallest size. I was gagging and even vomited once then they gave up and called the boss to do it lolz. 

The good thing about having these Clear Retainers is that I only have to wear them at night instead of the whole day for the next 6 months :3. The bad part is, I still get a slight gag reflex whenever my tongue touches the end of the retainers. So normally I start wearing it after my bath and don't talk to anyone lol. Even drinking water is a problem for me, I have to remove it first before drinking XD;; 

2. 16 July 2012 - 100th Workout Achieved :D
Finally achieved my 100th workout at gym after 1 year orz lazy me. I was absent for at least 2 whole months. One was because of work and the other was for a knee injury TwT but dammit it feels so good achieving 100 now! >A</
My 'medal' :D
Also after talking to a few people in the last 2 days, I think I accidentally set another goal for myself XD;;
Click on the link for more details on the race!

Oh yes I accidentally agreed to run my first 10km on my birthday lolol. There's no reason to avoid unless it's me end up working late the day before but highly unlikely OAO;; So yes... I gotta start training soon! :3. You can join the race to watch me pass out 8D

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