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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Facial @ Kanebo, Starhill

I normally don't buy facials from deal sites since they're mostly at smaller salons that I'm not familiar with and my face being super sensitive, I'm not ready to go through another round of cystic acne again. Saw this deal on Groupon and it's too hard to pass up! *_*b One being that it's Kanebo and two, I get to do the facial at the Starhill branch hohohoho a place that I've been dying to go~ :D Thank you Groupon for answering my prayers!!! heheheheh XD

The deal on Groupon
Better than what I wanted since I know the basic facial is about RM98 :D.

Took a picture of the front before my appointment!
Was brought here for a foot soak after filling out my details~ The water was wonderfully warm *_*
After patting my feet dry, I was brought to the treatment room. 
Their rooms are fully well prepared *_* most salons I go to, require us to store our clothes in the lockers placed outside the room. I love that each room in Kanebo has its own closet for us to store our valuables :D. The room is also equipped with hair dryer, comb even contact lens solution and casing! A+ for service XD

Products used for the day were from Kanebo's Blanchir Superior Brightening Range and also the kanebo Impress Range *_*. The beautician started of with double cleansing using a normal cleanser then followed by a foam cleanser. Instead of a scrub, she applied Brightener from the Impress range to soften skin, remove dead skin cells and encourage skin turnover rate. My skin feels awfully expensive now after I found out LOLOL. 

Extraction was dreadfully painful >_o oh well... no pain, no gain as they always say DX. I was squirming most of the time ;_; really wish I didn't have that many face problems T3T. After what felt like ages of extraction, she applied a cooling gel to sooth the skin and started the Ultrasonic Therapy. It's just rubbing a device all over your face to help uplift your face and improve blood circulation and skin tone. 

The shoulder and face mask was absolutely heaven~ I could feel my shoulders cracking from her massages and boy my body feels a whole lot lighter for the first time XD;;. As for the mask, she applied a clay mask for me as I have oily skin, then followed by a moisturizing mask + eye mask. Lastly, she applied essence for my pimples and sunblock for my face <3

I really enjoyed my facial at Kanebo :D even the facial packages are affordable too for such good service! >w<b. The basic facial starts from RM98 and for those with acne or oily skin, the Purifying Facial is RM138. Reasonably priced since most acne facials at other salons start from RM180++ to RM230+. 

Till we meet again, Kanebo~~~ *molests face*

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