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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Catching Up and Pigging Out

Been stressed and depressed cuz that same person was being a dickhead as usual. Even with a semi-direct confrontation and I'm still waiting for an answer. Whether it's playing ignorant or no balls to answer, I'll bite the next time this happens... My tolerance is being pulled way past the limit....

Wanna share with you my long awaited anniversary present as well :P
Pusheeeeeeennnnn <3
I honestly still prefer the smaller Pusheen cuz of the expression XD;; The fur on the bigger Pusheen SPARKLES and it looks like it needs a trip to the groomers @_@. A bit disappointing honestly.... oh wells... both of them are occupying the space beside my pillow sitting on my books and handphone being the cats they are XD

The last 2 weeks been catching up with people + juggling gym after work hours. This week along I met up with 5-6 people that I've never met for months! Great to catch up~ :D I'm very glad I call and happy that they called me out too <3 Very happy that I'm not forgotten TwT

Darrell planned a surprise BBQ for Michy's birthday which turned into a Bacon Fest. We tried almost every bacon combination possible with all the food we had haha,

Finally had my Tamago Mentai fix >< and had more when I went out for dinner with Jonathan hoho~
Makan Zang Toi's choco banana cake~ Been dying for this when I was in JW Marriot last month but couldn't go since we were so busy. Thanks Jia Chee for asking us out *o*/
Joanne and Sam's dessert platter~
Giant Chocolate Latte Macaroon from Delectable by Su. Thanks Jon for sparing your time~ ufufufufu
Yes I seem to be taking more pictures of food rather than the people that I spent time with OTL. B-b-b-but I did enjoy my time with them ;w;. The next 2 weekends will be another busy time orz, I still have a few people to meet and also visiting places as new material for blogging hehe :3

Now I shall go shower and put on my foot mask and enjoy as much of my remaining Sunday as I can!!! *sobs*

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