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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Cosplay Woes & Buys

Ahh *stretches* now with the launch at work over, I can focus a bit on cosplay. I'm having my Tenipuri Shoot this weekend so prepping my face and packing stuffs to make sure I don't forget anything :D. PS: did anyone get the problem of Blogger swallowing up the reading list? Mine was blank the last 2 days which got me panicking since I stalk a lot of blogshops and friend's blogs OwO;;

Back to entry.... I bought a new racquet with my Hari Belia winnings while the rest is chucked into savings :3. Initially I was set on the Dunlop Biomimetic 600 Lite based on my research last year but the dealer recommended the 700 as it's the latest model.
The racquet was RM200 more compared to the 600 Lite but it had a promo and some freebies. The racquet was an upgrade from the 600 Lite so I figured I'd just get it. Not to mention that the 700 is 20+ grams lighter than the 600 Lite.
Took it for stringing on Monday and I just collected it this afternoon :D
Most expensive prop ever! This is gonna be Yamato's racquet XD;; Quite happy with my purchase except the dealer is so pushy zzzz so not gonna recommend it to people D: All I need to do now is pamper my face for the rest of the week and give my wig a little trim~

Next is the Working! shoot which is tentatively after Raya ;_; but we have yet to find a location so last week I had a recce with some of the members over breakfast.
Our Inami started with dessert first haha

The place turned out to be Levain's baby sister and the location seems too small to shoot so yea... plan scrapped ;w; Going to recce the second location within the next 2 weeks.

Goodies I got throughout the month which were all books i can't read LOL
Cosplay book ordered from China, Maru book that Audrey helped me buy from Japan.... it was priced at RM74 in Kino FML. Saiyuki Character Book: Sanzo & Goku ordered from Kino :3. All books that I can never understand :D but I can always admire the pretty pictures instead lolol.
Collected my Moekana cards from Swing <3
Oh I'm not a fan of Danny Choo's stuff really but I respect him as an entrepreneur. These are Hiragana flash cards and I find the price quite affordable. Between this and the boring flash cards available at bookstores, might as well get this instead XD;; Now to wait and see if there's a Katakana version coming out :D

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