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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Super GT Experience

Phew after 3 weeks of working like a mad dog and juggling my cosplay life, can finally blog about my Super GT experience. While everyone was on the AFA MY hype, I decided to take up a part time working at the Super GT. Pay was decent and I was earning rather than spending so why not? :D Thanks Melissa for introducing the job to me! We were helping out in a Corporate Suite for the event basically being runners during the 2 days.

Shirt for the day..... Yes... I'm Jelyn for the day since the original Jelyn FFK-ed
Company we were working for :D
Stayed at the hotel on Friday night with Satan and Hitori. Had to wake up at 5.30am for breakfast T_T

Good spread *w*b
Pass for the day :D
The suite I was working in ohohohoho
Snapped some photos of the practice session before work officially starts
I was stationed inside while the 2 boys had to stay out to welcome and usher the guests heehee 8D. So many jakun moments for me. I had my own walkie too~ *jakuns* I had lots of fun but at the same time it was really tiring work. I was taking care of bags, busting tables, washing TONS of towels and running around looking for miscellaneous stuffs.
By evening, all the colorful bottles are out :D
Had fun watching him :D According to his partner, he ranks 3rd  in Malaysia *w*
During the second day, I exchanged shifts with Hitori and was stationed outside. Had lots of fun watching the sumo game XD;;
Sumoooo :D
He fell as he pushed the Red guy off the ring hahaha
Rolled back into position XD
Getting a wedgie- I mean adjusting the suit XD
Camwhored with friends :D
It was a good experience though there were times we were bored off our heads x_X. I learned a lot but it's not something I wanna do every weekend. The company really took care of us well :D and if you realize.... I have no pictures of any GT queens here XDXD;;;; I just didn't have to time to go and snap really....

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