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Saturday, June 2, 2012

May, C2AGE & Hari Belia Wrap Up

So much for trying to blog regularly, been pretty busy at work as the client has a launch coming up. I had own stuff to tackle as well. My car had a major bug problem....
It started by having 1-2 each time I go in the car then came to 5-6. I thought it was leftover food I left overnight in the car once so I tried sunning them to death by parking my car outside everyday. Didn't work.... so I sent it for a wash but they came back with a vengeance. Decided to take the weekend to spray my car and found out those bugs were after a pack of green beans I use for plushie stuffing so I threw them out and Baygon my whole car then shut it for the whole day. Came back to pick up the dead bodies only to find out that they were still alive WTF. Spray used to kill roaches didn't work so does that mean they're more invincible compared to roaches?!?!?!? D: But anyway... problem solved! after having them flying around in the car for almost 3 weeks..... disgusting....

Finally debuted something that's not ghetto or recycled for the year =D This  project was something I've been thinking of doing for over 1 1/2 years. Come to think of it.... it IS recycled since I did Inami for RAGE OTL. So anyways I decided to add a prop to my costume.
My Wagnaria book! :D
Binding quality was absolutely shitty and I haven't had the time to send it for rebinding *grumbles* I should really get to it next week =_=;;
Out team + 1 Hito. Photo curi from Hito! <3 
Lazy to post full frontal pictures cuz I look absolutely UGLY with my smile lines. My team consist of me as Popura, Arisa as Takanashi and Audrey as Yachiyo. Had a lot of fun meeting new people and some oldies *points above* Didn't care what was going on stage and I'm glad I did cuz there were some lame performances during that day, nuff said! Some people recognized where we're from whole most say we're just maids D: oh wells.....
Our team got featured in Studio Omoshiroi's video :D Thanks KC!!! I love how thick Popura's hair is!!! *molests*

Hari Belia 2012
This event was another headache for me cuz I had to prepare a whole skit in 2 weeks OTL plus my company is busy working for a launch so I could only work on my skit after work. 2 weeks of pure hell.... after a week, I was STILL fine tuning my skit orz. My audio was only ready by 2am on the day or the event itself! never again am I gonna rush something stupid like this O_O
Preparing skit props while running the skit through my head. Office abuse yay! :D
It was work from 9am to 9pm then worked on Hari Belia skit from 11pm onwards till 2am+ x_X. Glad it all paid off but still a risky thing to do! With the help of sound effects and soundtracks, skit audio was quite satisfactory :3 
During prelims. Like my props? :D
I reached home around 4 and was still editing the audio till 5 then got some shut eye till 7am. Reached the event area at 10am after braving through loads of traffic and road diversions. Good luck finding videos of my prelims mwahahahaha 8D 
Making full use of props!
My acting sucked so bad since I only practiced HOURS before the competition, but glad it was over >w<. The next day was the final and the theme would only be given. I was shit scared but at the same time relieved cuz that would mean I could go home, crash and not think about what to do for the next day. 

When I reached home, I just couldn't stop thinking about the next day LOL! Instead of crashing, I watched a few episodes of Working!! and packed a few things that I thought would be useful.

The scenario I got was that my friend asked me to set him/her up with a girl/guy. heh, easy for Working!! but I was quite scared that the skit wasn't kuso enough.
Always a need for some tall person to be a physical item on stage XD;;
The moment of truth!
Then there's the REAL moment of truth..... the resultttt *drumrolls*
Betcha people on the floor was thinking 'Wtf a maid costume WON?!'
And yours truly got a placing!! *O* Thankew now I shall take the government's marneeee mwhahahaha >w<b. Thanks to those who have helped me! Satan, Wen, Xenon, Kilmasis, Swing, Jared, Qurshay and the people who I forced them to review my skit lolol. 

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