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Monday, June 4, 2012

Sale: Sometime Boutique!

Sales! A girl's top weakness and besft friend at the same time. Followed by shoes, bags, clothes, jewellery yadda yadda yadda and it never ends. We girls want so many things in life but can never have enough money to afford them. 

Just want to share with you a boutique I've been stalking for a while, selling designer handbags. The designers are based in Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. They are designers behind big brands, to fresh and undiscovered talents that are yet to make their mark on the fashion realm. Lemme show you a few of my favorites to make your wallets water 8D

Libro - Red
Book bag! Who can't resist a clutch bag that looks like an organizer/book and it fits your table/iPad nicely :D
Massimo - Champagne
Bag looks so simple and perfect for corporate or a casual day out :3 

You can check out more of their bags available at their website Sometime Online Store or their FB: Sometime Boutique

Go stalk their page as the sale starts tomorrow!!!!! :DDDDDDDD 

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