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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Resolutions? What's That?

People normally reflect what they did for the year in December but I only had the chance to really evaluate myself recently and I'm quite happy with my 2011. It was the best year for me so far mainly because my life had a very good balance. Among the things I did this year:

1. 1 step up my career path
2. Signed up for tennis lessons
3. Getting my own digicam (DSLR next!)
4. Joined a gym
5. Quit CF
6. Got in touch with a lot of old friends
8. Feeling VERY distant with my current close friends (ok nothing satisfying about this)

Yea.... roughly a 3/4 summary of my year :3 I'm hoping for a good 2012 but from what I can see, it's gonna be a very shaky year for me.

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