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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Before Leaving

I'll be leaving in about 2 days time to Singapore for training so this is just another picture sharing post XD;; I have no mood to blog according to the days now since most of the time I forgot to take any pictures >w<

1. Makeup tests.
Now with office work a little quiet, I had the time to mess with my box at home XD;; I thought of trying out 3 colors instead of the usual 2 just for the heck of it and this was the outcome.

Sorry for now powdering my face =/
The 88 color palette I have wasn't really pigmented. I should really look into getting the Urban Decay primer for my next test since I've been using pencil eyeshadow as a base all this while and it tends to crease when my lids start to get oily. I only realized how unblended the pink eyeshadow looked after I uploaded the photos orz. I loved how the blending turned out nicely but just as Jia Chee pointed out, I should really work on the shape at the corner of my eyes, otherwise, I'd look like a panda.

Items used
- P2 pencil liner in Black
- Loreal Super Liner in Black (which the eyeshadow ate it all up)
- 88 color eyeshadow palette
- NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Sky Pink Pearl

2. Supply stock up
I won't say this was a visit to Popular for the sole purpose on stocking up on my office supplies XD;; We were there to get materials so that Jared could fix my Charles & Keith sandals *w*. The leather of the strap cracked so the wire poked through and keeps poking my leg giving me what it looks to be a puncture wound. We got some craft foam and UHU-ed it to the strap and now it's back to being my comfy old wedges XD.
While Jared was looking for scissors, I found this! *w* Animal stick-it notepads~ Was really interested in the white seal!!!
But I got this instead! Cute right?? XD
3. Having fun 
Last week I went for Michy's birthday celebration in Tenshi Cafe, e-Curve. The place has definitely improved a little in terms of service but I still find the food so... pricey ;__; I'm starting to get fond of the curry rice there =D (but I can always go Pasta Zanmai for a cheaper alternative *gets whacked*)
My Ebi Curry Rice~
Jared's err.... Unagi Bowl? Lol looks like half salad, half unagi in there. Forgot to ask him how's his meal
The party came with a theme, eye wear for girls, head gears for guys. Guys totally failed in bringing their head gears cis >_>;;
Camwhore pictureeeeee. Credits to Audrey.
Absolutely love the Lancome foundation! Skin has never looked so flawless <3 *worships Lancome to her grave* I think the dim lights and the camera that closed one eye helped 8D;; Also to end this post....
Never expected myself to hold their member card wtf. But it does give me second thoughts of going back there XD;;

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  1. hoi. i know i forgot to bring my mini top hat D: