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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

To-Do-List Week

*bounces in* Hello people!!! With so little stuff to talk about, I should just get a Tumblr and have a picture blog instead lol. This whole week I had a lot of things to complete and they're not even work related. Mostly like renewing car insurance, renew road tax, get signatures from the lawyer for my PTPTN forms, make appointment for my car polish and wax. Lots of things to do and LOTS of money flying away! This month I totally busted my salary and had to crack into my savings *sobs*

Nevermind! Hope for a better month. Now it's picture sharing time!
Pictures of the cat I bumped into on my way to the post office :3 Out of randomness, I stepped into a raw piece of chicken while walking there... yuck....
My Gliss Kur finally went on sale at Guardian Pharmacy huhuhu! No I'm not some cheapskate bitch, not all are for me :3 The orange bottle is Audrey's. Ok so I am a cheapskate bitch but it was on 15%!!
My gym card! Small right? =D We scan it for attendance.
Gah as you can see, my money flew to all those tiny purchases. The biggest buys would be my new racket, gym and car insurance =( I hope that with gym in my schedule now, I'll stay away from the malls XD;; So dangerous when your boyfie works right beside the mall >_<

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