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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bits of This and That

Long long week this has been >_<. We've just finished with our client's event so it'll prolly be slightly quiet for the next few weeks =D All my pictures I took during the week, never had the time to post them since I was rushing for the event. Thankfully I still had my weekends so my social life is not at stake! *_*b

Meet Shaun's dogs~
2 of them, Yogurt and Caramel. They're mother and daughter.
And they have an incest relationship! *O*
Had a chance to visit another production house for one of our projects. I love production houses cuz the environment is just so exciting *_*
This one had a frikkin Jukebox! Can you imagine the whole floor dancing at night? XD
Rooms are littered with stuffed toys but this one caught my attention XD So, so, so CUTE! *_*
Recently signed up for gym as well. Will probably do a post about their facilities. But first, a 1 month trial to see if it works =D. Funny part is the Secret Recipe right beside the gym >_>;;
There's more stuff I wish to put in like Audrey's birthday present and my glasses for Michy's birthday but I'll save it for next week and the birthday girl is suppose to take picture of her own present >D

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