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Monday, May 23, 2011

It Gets Closer

This week will be a very stressful week for me. Stress coming from both directions, work and personal life. Lots of editing to do, more practice and more chopping. I hope this will be all worth it T_T. I'm aiming so high yet my work is not up to quality *headdesks*. I hope my efforts will all be worth it >_<.

Went to C2AGE today, it felt like a CF Sri Sedaya version. Roamed around and chatted with people I've never talked to for eons. Surprisingly I manage to kill time till 7pm lol. I got myself a book too while I was browsing Borders.
*scratches head* Yes... it's a book on essential Mandarin lol
At the rate it goes, I can't afford to go to Mandarin classes for now and if I want to try Singapore in 3-4 years, I'll have to start now since I've such a slow brain.

Gods I'm so stressed for this coming weekend!!! *crosses fingers* All the best to meeeeee \>A</

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