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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Deals and 48 Hours of Flu

Wow... almost 10 days of not blogging. Once I stop, it's really hard to go back to frequently updating my blog. I normally arrange to not have more than one post a day but ended up by the time comes, I don't have the mood to blog any longer.... hence the hiatus in between my posts XD;;

This time, not only I didn't have the mood to blog, I had to go back to Ipoh as well during the weekend so that was 3-4 days of no posts. Now I'm back with a life update before I put up 2 reviews and a Nerf experience.

Aishop had a Facebook promo last week for their fans. The promo is based on the amount of likes they can gather within a certain period. If they reached their targeted likes, the product will be discounted according to the target =D Guess what was the product?!?!?!?! It was the famed Zamian: Gold Cacao Pack Mask!!!and I manage to grab the promo price of RM39.90 since the page reached over 100 likes~! XD A real lucky shot since if the page gathers over 200 likes, the product will drop to RM19.90! I'm guessing everyone was waiting for the product to get more likes XD;; Sadly it didn't, so the lowest price was RM39.90! hur hur~
The mask in the flesh!
I got the 2 pieces of handmade soap for free too :3 One is cacao and the other is camelia. The stuff arrived carefully bubble wrapped in the parcel. Sad that the soaps don't have individual packing so I have to keep it in the bubble wrap.
Train station in Ipoh.
Ipoh as usual wasn't a very pleasant trip. My parents decided to go by KTM this time and the train stopped at every. bloody. station. The frequent change in speed makes it very difficult for my to sleep =( As I was about to really doze off, the train comes to a stop at a station =A=. That's not the end of my nasty trip to Ipoh... the whole time I was there, I suffered from a runny nose since the air cond is too cold and the place is full of dust. 20 years of collected dust in the house ain't gonna vanish in just months *sighs*
Sure as hell missed the Chee Cheong Fun there
Dropped by the lawyer's office and she has 2 dogs!
Soooo fluffy like a plush toy~
The second dog~
Very pretty coat~ I can't get a good picture cuz it keeps moving!

Pusheen arriving in mid May~ I'm super excited >w<~

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