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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nerf, The Wetter Version =D

Sounds so wrong doesn't it? XD;; This happened back in February but I'm only allowed to post it after April :3. Jared got invited to Richard's house for some Rosti so I tagged along.
The place is really pretty >w< Not to mention A LOT OF MOSQUITOES!!!
The guys were already there taking photos.
Well the rosti can't be earned for free so we moved to the pool area after the guys changed.

I don't know what they were looking at but it looked so wrong lol.

The winnerrrrr~
Went back up to Richard's house. Jared was making a mess in the kitchen while learning how to make rosti so took the opportunity to tour the house. No photos but I did snap something interesting.
Potato head versions? @_@
Rosti was so delicious!!! >w< But so much effirt to cook =(
For those who are still confused, those guns are the new Nerf Super Soakers blasters which were out in April 2011. They're pretty much water guns =P. Richard was snapping photos of it so I'm not allowed to post up anything till the real product is out in the market.

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