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Monday, December 13, 2010

Review: Lumiere Finishing Powder, Pure Silk

Oily skin has always been a huge problem for me. My face will get oily in just 2 hours after washing my face. It's even worse when I have makeup on, my face will look so oily like I have a layer of wax on my face! One of my friends was raving about how this product is awesome and holy grail worthy so I decided to pick it up.
Lumiere’s Silk Powder helps maintain moisture levels in the skin, prevent dryness, the crystalline structure reflects UV radiation, and has anti-bacterial properties.

Especially beneficial for oily or disturbed skin as it instantly evens and beautifies skin. Pure Silk is a transparent powder which is specially formulated to disappear into the skin, to reduce the appearance of pores and redness, and even skin tone for a more flawless-looking complexion.

Suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin
Finish - mostly matte, has a soft satin silkiness
Ingredients - real silk powder

Taken from LovingMinerals.com. The powder indeed is fine and light and you just need to tip a bit of the powder on the cover and swirl it with the kabuki brush before buffing it on the face. I've had this product for a few months and been testing it on different occasions. I don't find it holy grail worthy for my face but if I were to put the price in my consideration then this is probably a value for money product.

Firstly, the powder didn't help with the oil absorption on my face, period. I've tested the product with makeup on, without makeup on, when I go outdoors and when I'm indoors. Especially when I'm at work, I find my nose starts to get really oily after 2-3 hours followed by my forehead and cheeks 1-2 hours later but when it comes to dinner or shopping, my face wasn't as oily as my situation at work BUT STILL OILY *flip table*. I find that only my nose is very oily during those short outings.

I didn't notice any improvement on my complexion nor do I see my pores shrinking as the product claims. My face still looks as ugly and rough as the moon. I find that it's especially ineffective sometimes when I'm stressed out, guess my face produces more oil than the silk powder could handle. For RM58 for a 30gm jar, it's value for money but if your face is as imba as mine, I'd suggest you look for some alternatives.

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  1. OK, but I'm trying to find out what silk power is. So far no luck.