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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chokeful of Updates #1612

Thought I should do a proper life update before this weekend since I'll be so busy till next Wednesday of Thursday.

I finally invested a little more into a work bag =D It's perfect <3 not too formal.

Work was awesome! I went to a studio for a shooting today. As I stepped into the studio, I saw a tail and something moved! I dropped my bag and ran towards it screaming 'caaaaaaaaaatttttt'

It's name is Oreo and it's sensitive to the word FAT.

He was really shy :3 and we had to keep tempting him with yummies or else he won't approach us. We tested the word fat by calling him that and he totally stared at me ;o; 3 TIMES!! Doesn't stop it from being a poser though. That shot above was taken when he plopped his fat ass right in the middle of the set and me and Johnny immediately started clicking away~

My mail arrived!

Goods are mostly not mine XD;; only the eyeliner and one of the Smashbox primers is mine. Rest belongs to May and Gwen~

Mine was defective in presentation so I'll have to keep this upside down in my box X3

RotiBoy has expanded by opening a bakery/cafe concept outlet.

I tried one of their combo deals which was a RotiBoy + Iced Chocolate drink for Rm5.50. Totally recommending it to you guys! The chocolate drink is so value for money =D it's not diluted or taste funny. The buns and pastries are at an affordable price. They also have sandwiches going at RM2.00 for white bread and RM2.50 for wholemeal. I want to go there again!!!! They're opening a new branch at Leisure Mall on Dec 23~!

Remember~ Giveaway closes tonight at 10pm!

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