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Friday, September 17, 2010

Remakes and Touch & Go Fuck Ups

Today I woke up at 2pm! ^o^V and decided I should try my luck popping by Dexon to get my trimmings and lace. Gave a quick call to the place and thankfully they were open for a full day! I thought I could top up my Touch & Go at the same time alas, they decided to screw with me.

Most of the public transportation is encouraging the use of Touch & Go by having the lanes and machines specially allocated for Touch & Go users but the company made it so bloody fucking inconvenient to top up the bloody card! I've been having this problem since 4 years ago and I still see no improvement whatsoever! I knew I was going to pass by a few places with Touch & Go top up machines which was why part of my agenda going out was to top up the value.

I reached the Pandan Jaya LRT station hoping to top up and then swipe it to take the train but I saw the top up machines still in it's wrapper (just as it is MONTHS ago)... Fine, I thought since there's still Plaza Rakyat LRT Station where I was heading but AGAIN both the machines were still in their bloody wrappers. I calmed down and told myself I could still walk to Pasar Seni LRT station to top up since it was a short walking distance from Dexon. Well, the machines weren't in their wrappers this time but all THREE of them had 2 words on the screen


How bloody fucking long does it take to get those fucking machines working?!?!?!?!? It's not as though the machine will have to provide change! Insert card, insert money and whala your Touch & Go is ready to be used! As I head back to Plaza Rakyat, I thought I could top up at the Maybank and just pay the extra 50 cents service charge. Turns out all the ATM's there were the old versions so there was no top up Touch & Go services! #%@%$#%$#^ Omg and I was even more pissed because it was mentioned at the ATM cubicle that it has ouch & Go top up services! Gods now I feel like bombing the Touch & Go building! They don't even have top up services at most of the tols which forced me to go through all this useless trouble! And I came back with nothing! *huffs* Bah end rant, on topics of by shopping today.

What I wanted to remake

Looks almost the same rite? =D
Cotton Satin - RM13.05
Bias Tape - RM1.40
Lace - RM2.40
Gold tingamagics - RM3.60

WIll probably rush to tailor 101 to see whether this can be done in time =( I hate hate hate rushing for shoots T_T. My Saturday and Sunday will be so packed =( especially since BeautyExpo is around the corner.

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