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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend Getaway

I've been so busy during the weekend, waking up at 8 onwards to do my stuffs and coming back by midnight, my weekend felt just like an extremely long working day =(. Saturday I woke up at 8+ and headed out to Taman Bahagia, met up with Job around 10 and we went to the embroidery shop at Puchong. The guy was nice on the phone and kindly even explained to me and even provided suggestions on how the embroidery will look like. Total came up to RM134, I guess that's the price to pay for ordering shitty Taobao costumes DX

Had lunch at Village Park, nasi lemak forever good *o*/, Jon went to fix his accident with an old uncle who I might add was wearing the same color shirt as him + pants so it almost looked as though I was staring at an older version of him >D. After that, rushed to the Beauty Expo at KLCC. Darn I forgot there was an entrance fee and I forgot to bring my name card to BS my way through D8 so Rm10 flies~ >w<

The expo was kinda so-so to me. So many beauty brands I'm not familiar with D8 and I dare not try anything since my skin is still recovering from the bad experience. I was set on getting my makeup case and got it at such a good bargain :3 for only RM60! I saw a thread on LYN selling for RM90 so you can imagine how happy I was! There were 2 cases going for RM60, both were the same size but different material. One of them looked quite cheap upon closer inspection. The finishing was terrible and the material felt like cheap plastic! *gasps* I found my crystal masks too from Yokoso Japan =D, not a very good bargain compared to last year where I could find them going for RM1-2 a pc. This year it was an average price of RM3-4. So now on to my haul!

Makeup case was at RM60 <3, Freebra at RM16 which was a good bargain as average price on LYN was RM16 =D, Crystal masks for face and eye at RM3 per pc, eye pigments at RM5 for 3! Tweezers and blackhead remover at 2 for RM20 and lastly the 3 bottles of nail polish (purchased from SASA not from the expo) for my Luka cosplay which only cost RM12.90 =D

Good haul but I'm so dead broke TwT especially when a large portion of the money is going to my costume fixing D: Brush sets at the expo were VERY expensive and the smaller sets didn't feel that good =( and there wasn't much of a selection *sigh*. The whole expo was mainly monopolized by skincare and nail stuffs D:

After the Beauty Expo, I had a few hours in between to breathe and get ready to head for Michy's farewell at TS. By the time I reached TS, my eyes were drooping so I took a very short nap at the car park and got woken up by a kid screaming her lungs out =(. I reached home close to midnight and the only thing that came to my mind was to sort out my new makeup case!

THE CHALLENGE! Clearing my briefcase of makeup

Compartment 1: Used to stuff my basics for makeup such as foundation, brow cake, concealer and powder.

Compartment 2: All my eye and lip makeup. Also some blushers somewhere in that jungle.

Compartment 3: All my tools such as spongers, makeup remover, hair ties, thermal water and etc.

Looks simple and easy but it's always a problem when it comes to finding a certain lipstick color or a palette in that jungle despite it being 'organized'.


TADAAAA! *ish proud*

Right Tier Top: All my pigments + compact mirror
Right Tier Bottom: Small samples and hardly used stuff such as my black and red lipstick

Left Tier Top: Tools such as bobby pins, hair die, eyelash curler and tweezers
Left Tier Bottom: All my lipsticks, glosses and eyeliner =D

Main compartment containing all the big stufff like palettes, cleansing wipes, sponges, foundation, brush cleanser, makeup remover.

That's all for my Saturday *o*/ Sunday would be another day or depending whether I'm still keen or not since I was really cheesed off for that whole day.

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