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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dermadex Challenge Pack, Love or Hate

Almost a month ago, I purchased this trial pack since I had a crazy breakout season. The trial pack comes with 2 items, the cleanser (10g) and refining cream (5g). It looks small really, but the seller told me it should be able to last for a week..... it lasted more than a week because I was being kiasu with the contents and also I was alternating between Dermadex and Decleor's cleanser.

Biotox Cleanser

The cleanser is made from natural active ingredients including lavender, honey suckle and orchid flower. According to the website, it deeply penetrates skin to soften dead cells and black heads,and dissolves sebum giving the face a nice smooth sensation. According to the directions, the cleanser can be used as a mask too, leaving on the face for up to 30 minutes. I didn't dare to try in case it turns out to be like Eumora, so I left it on my face as long as I showered. The cleanser has a very nice minty smell, it feels minty too cuz I felt a cooling sensation on my skin when I leave the cleanser on =D.

Biotox Refining Cream

The first thing you'll notice about this cream is that it smells super strong of Chinese herbs D8. I just found it odd, not disturbing yet. The refining cream is set to refines pores, regulates oil secretion and prevents formation of acne on skin. It smelled too strong for me so I only used the cream on trouble areas like my pimples and my nose where it squeezes oil like crazy.

I do see improvements on my pimples but it did nothing to refine my pores =( they look as huge as ever. The actual price for the products is crazily expensive D8 Rm138 for 50ml of the Biotox cleanser. I might as well buy 5 challenge packs rite?! D8 This doesn't make sense at all =( I didn't really like the cleanser cuz I don't feel like my face has been thoroughly cleansed after using it =( so I had to double cleanse just to make my heart content.

The challenge pack is sold at RM17 in LYN forums but you'll have to add Rm4 for the postage too. Will I repurchase? only if all the products in the world don't work on me =(

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