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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Full Of Awesomeness and Disaster


Saturday was absolutely wonderful =D Pictures on Facebook tells it all X3 and suddenly I find another cosplay plan on my lap x_X.

Sunday however... *groans* I went so ballistic over some fucker. The only time I've felt that pissed was with my parents. This dolt however is a damn hypocrite and self-centered person. Putting his own personal issues on the table and telling us not to get OUR own personal issues involved. Its bad enough he thinks the meeting is under control when HE'S chairing it, he voices his opinions and then tells us to take the topic online. WHY?! All so that he can end the fucking meeting early and get home.

When it's his fucking mistake, he blames the comm as a whole 'It is our fault and I think we can learn something from this bla bla bla' but when someone else makes a mistake oh boy the amount of arrows that can come out of that fuckwit. Every time people drill sense to him, he gets defensive. Well if talking won't get through his thick skull, I'm just gonna have to leave a deeper impression.

Fuckwits, when idiocy is just not enough.


  1. oho..new cosplay plans....baka ranger?hahahahaha

  2. baka ranger? @w@ sape tu?