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Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Discoveries!

My haul for today =D

I went for a mini makeup session with Silvy, May, Nao and Mika X3. Dropped by Guardian and Watsons for some price comparing and this is my mini haul =D.

See how pigmented it is! and oh the shimmerrrrrr <3

Maybelline Diamond Eye Studio palette 2 for RM43 so I immediately called Mika to see whether she's interested so we each got a palette =D then I bought the Biore cleansing wipes. Boy those were very difficult to get as they were wiped off the shelves of Watsons and I got the last pack at Guardians (I'll do a mini review on this later). Later on, me and Mika came back to Watsons to get the Fasio make up remover and I got myself Secret's eye pencil liner for my Luka cosplay =D The one SilkyGirl has is in CANDY PINK *facepalms*

Pretty pink for my Luka eyebrows <3

Now onto the Biore Cleansing Wipes, what I would put in my God item list =D. I'm now not surprised why it's the no.1 make up remover in Japan. I was skeptical at first that's why I got the small pack. It only costs RM6+ for a small pack of 10 sheets while a pack of 42 sheets cost RM32 and the refills cost RM25. Now if you do the math, you'll see why the smaller packs of RM6 are cleared off the shelves! RM6 x 4 = 40 sheets for only RM24+ and normally we would keep these wipes in our makeup pouches instead of lugging a container of 42's around so the smaller pack is always a better buy.

I tried the wipes during the mini makeup session and oh gosh fantastic results! My makeup was removed with one swipe! In fact, me, May and Nao share one cotton wipe and it removed ALL of our make up! I am gonna buy another 2 packs just to restock!! <3<3<3 5 star item!!

Before I forget...

Makeover done by Mika, eyelashes glued by Silvy haha. Test for my Luka makeup =D

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