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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Freebies, Buys and Tall Skyscrapers!

Pretty bottle? :3

My toy I bought during the weekend! X3 I was suppose to buy this last weekend but I forgot to cut out the coupon from Cleo. After discount, it's RM27 =D I tried it on before heading out, I still prefer my Gliss Kur but I wouldn't mind leaving it in office for a spritz before and after meeting clients.

Parcel I got yesterday~

Inside was a cute sample size lotion and another surprise! 70% off from any of the following treatments above. I'm very keen on the facial *_* will probably book a spot next month when my pay comes in! XD

Work has been treating me well, I've been rushing all around KL/PJ for the past 2 days. Thank the heavens make up is not compulsory in the company as I sweat very easily. On Monday I had to rush to Brickfields and then to Jalan Ampang to drop stuffs to client, I sweated so badly during the trip that I'm not surprised if my shirt is see through and soaked with sweat ><.

Passed by a very pretty place when I was in KL :3

Received good news this morning XD I won a pair of tics to a special screening of Sex and the City 2 by The Body Shop Malaysia *w* Thank you TBS!!! <3<3<3

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