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Monday, June 28, 2010

Friday Adventures

Yes I realize it's a little late =( but I i like to share good stuff! \*w*/. On Friday, my office had a little bubble war XD;;

Our toy weapons! Looks lame I know! XD

War zone~

Others were not spared~ Bother, bother bother! *w*

Boss joined the fun too XD;;

It's decided that Friday will be a Nerf gun battle *_*. Dragged Jared to check on the Nerf guns at Empire XD;; and we found a great lepak place there!! *_*

Pretty place deshou?! Looks so comfy! <3

Beanbag chairs and dim lights 8D

Private rooms where you can watch TV, movies or play the Wii :3

Ordered our food :3 Dinner sets start from RM8.80 onwards

Eating area at the cafe :3

Comes to the food part! Mushroom soup served with garlic bread. They both go together really well and there;s a heck lot of mushrooms in the soup! Best part is, there was no bitter aftertaste like the one we had at the cafe with cow pictures.

My spaghetti =D which looked kinda small when they served it @_@ and for RM10.90, it's really worth your money =D. Much better than the spaghetti at Simply Fusion, and by the way.... I couldn't finish it! D8

Jared's burger, first thing I noticed was.. 'omg big fat patty! o_o'


Overall I quite like the setting of the place =D and the food is good buuuuuut, I'd recommend to take the soft drinks =.= They were kind enough to switch my soft drink to warm barley and even added the barley seeds in for me but the barley was TASTELESS! like they forgot put the sugar in T__T.

Still got 2 more entries to put up, MAGE report and my beauty hauls from the weekend.


  1. eh ?? what's the place with beanbags ? expwain to me ? :D im not familiar with those places as they dont exist in france ( people wont respect it or either steal/damage the tvs lol )

  2. lol it's just part of the cafe where they allow you to utilize their Wii, watch TV and movies XD. For now it's free as they're new. Sooner or later they'll probably charge by the hour