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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big Update? Maybe~

Work's piling up which explains my absence. We have 2 videos to work with so the whole of last week we were working till 8pm. Normally everyone would be gone by 6.30pm. I didn't really have to the time to blog on Friday and Saturday as well since I had a shoot and some grooming to do.

Starting myself on slimming drinks next week. Hope it works :3 otherwise it's a really expensive chocolate drink XD;;

Started using my laneige Sleeping mask and I'm so totally in love with it! <3

The shooting location, damn the house is fucking big

Last weekend I was a slave to Youth Malaysia pfft... Picture of Audrey, me and Teri and I'm always the middle cis.

Oh yes... i almost forgot to share my latest addiction =D


My character =D obviously I'll play Priest so if anyone's playing Pet Forest, do add me ChibiNeko X3

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