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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kuey Teow Madness

Last weekend I followed my dad to Penang since we could claim the travel expenses from the company. Happy to say I drove up to Penang! *w*V I hope I won't need to drive to Singapore next, it's too tiring TwT.

I brought extra luggage too lol. Thank god this one can walk by itself! XD

First stop before dropping my parents off was along Jln Burma where there's some delicious curry puffs sold by some 'la la chai'. RM1.50 per piece, a little pricey but worthwhile~

Mee rebus from a shop nearby the curry puff stall. We just wanted a place to sit and eat.

There's a funny story behind this scandalous looking piece of paper. When we parked our car to buy curry puffs, we didn't pay for the parking since there's no parking meter to be seen. 30mins later we came back and started the car, this random guy in a vest comes over on a motorbike and wrote something on his pad. We thought we were getting a summon for noy paying for parking but then he tore off the sheet of paper and handed it to us. On it was a fee of 30 cents.... WTF he was just collecting money for the parking and we were scared shitless DX

By night, we had Jin and Sizer drive us around and they took us to the maid cafe. It was.... a bit of a disappointment as the food isn't very good, I had trouble biting my pork and according to Jared, the maids aren't that pretty lol.

Instead of rice, Kuey Teow is a staple food here ;__; this plate costs RM2.70. Most of the time we ate along Jln Burma cuz the roads in Penang are very confusing @_@

Took this picture while Jared went to the florist, there was a wedding shoot going on. Houses here are nice :3 I had the pleasure of visiting the cemetery at 8pm T_T and it's not fun.

My first cat in Penang! I swear all cats in Penang are posers~

Jln Pasar is alive at night with so many hawker stalls. We 'tapau' pork satay and belacan fried rice to take to our room to eat. There were at least 4 Char Kuey Teow stalls there >_>;;

It was the first time we saw 'lok lok' being presented this way =D

Before heading home, we had lunch at another hawker center very near Jln Burma.

Everyone ordered Char Kuey Teow with duck eggs. I couldn't tell the difference honestly D8

A souvenir from Penang, Crabtree & Evelyn Organic Lemongrass Tea. Found it in a convenience store wohoo~

Interview went very well and I'm hoping for the best =D

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