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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Passing of Another Life

2 days ago, my grandma suffered from a stroke and collapsed, hitting her head on the car bumper. There was a lot of blood and thankfully my grandpa's friends were quick to respond and rush her to the hospital. All of us rushed home and my aunties and uncles rushed to book the next fight to Malaysia. Most of my grandpa's friends stayed with him till we arrived. The next day we went to visit her, she was placed in the third class ward as the head nurse is stationed there and the ICU was full. Vitals were normal but she reained unconcious and required oxygen to be pumped into her system. According to the doctor, her brain is flooding in blood and they're afraid of operating her as her chances of surviving the operation were slim. He was emphasizing a lot that she's old, indirectly asking us to prepare for he worst.

My aunt arrived at 1-2am 1 day after my grandma was admitted and they went straight to the hospital to see her. According to her, my grandma has a tear or two rolling down her cheeks and she was struggling to say something in her unconscious state. We went to visit he again in the morning and to catch the doctor as well. Her blood pressure was improving but she had a slight fever. I had hope that she would recover.

On the third day, her heartbeat and blood pressure dropped drastically. My uncle from US arrived that night and rushed to her bedside, she was gone after 10 minutes. We believe she waite to see all of her children before departing to the next life. Funeral arrangements had to be made quickly as my grandma picked an inconvenient time to depart. CNY is near and no one is available to handle the body.

The whole time I was very pissed at my mum. She wanted grandma to be creamated just for practiality purposes.... My grandma was a datin and she did not give such a large sum of money to my mum just to be creamated. Her reason was that she didn't want to clean the grave. I feel angry that my mum can be so selfish. I've never felt so much hate towards her. She was very inconsiderate to leave me alone wandring aimlessly around the hospital while the whole family went up to visit my grandma. Her excuse cuz they wouldn't take long. They made me wait for 2 hours and 40 minutes FML. More reason to curse her to hell. I know it's awkward to curse at this period of time but her actions was just plain selfish of her.


  1. *pats* my condolences

  2. My condolences for your loss.

    :S And yeah, your mom reminds me of my uncle. They're just that selfish too. *hugs*

  3. my condolence I fear of my grandma as my dad say she no response lying in bed.