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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Penyet Penyet~

I woke up at 12 in the afternoon yet I can still nap after buying lunch >w<;; Lucky Jon dragged me out or else I'll be napping =A=;; We were suppose to go for cake but instead

We went to eat flattened food! Our food arrived unflattened, both the beef balls and the chicken, I feel so cheated!! @A@;;

They got the drink order mixed up too... I got Dinosaur Milo instead of my Ice Lemon Tea DX

I.... forgot to take picture of the food so I asked permission to take picture of the food before they served to others >w<\ and now Jon claims he doesn't know me pfft.

Walked around The Curve bazaar and saw Garden opened a new branch along The Walk. Nicer place for photoshoot compared to the main branch in 1U since it's outdoors.

Snug fit jeans!

My original plan was to try on those kiddy flower girl dresses since I'm confident I can wear the biggest size =D Turns our Debenhams doesn't stock on those dresses, they only had casual clothes (and a very small selection I might add) for 3 - 8yrs and 11 - 16yrs (wth happened to the in between?). I tried on a pair of jeans suited for a 12yr old and they fit VERY snugly DX and I'm totally in love with them cuz it's in boot-cut style ;w;. Very difficult to find this style since skinnies and straight cuts are the trend. To buy or not to..... it's RM115 TwT

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  1. Lol. I dunno you:P. Hahaha...you underage girl:D