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Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's Life For?

A holiday aka vacation is a time to relax your mind and just laze around but what my parents had in mind of a holiday seems different... Just a little cheesed at my parents for grilling me about coming back late and stuff. The first time I went for a late night movie, I came back at 4am, next one I came back at 12am.

I've been setting my time to come back as early as possible in which I believe coming back by midnight is quite a sensible curfew time honestly. They're seemingly so worried about me being a victim of crime and telling me to look at the crime statistics. Truthfully speaking.... statistics is just bullshit to me. Those are just crimes reported. What about including those that are not reported and the amount of missing people. Those missing people could've been murdered in their very own homes and their bodies are just dumped somewhere deep in the jungle. Crime is just everywhere and it can even happen right at home. It's just the matter of being cautious of your surroundings and your luck alltogether.

I thought with me working my ass off and paying for my own stuff for the whole holidays, I would at least earn a bit of freedom.

Guess not.

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