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Monday, May 4, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Working for the Nike Warehouse sale was a very good experience. Somehow I became an all rounder instead of just being placed in one job area. I was a packer for a day, cashier for 2 days and rounding the area on the last day. Most of the other part time staff had the same position for all 4 days so I do feel kind of proud *_*. I miss the feeling of tapping the cash and credit card machine XD

Every job has its ups and downs but I remember most of the ups *_* For one thing, we got 2 Nike shirts each X3 as part of our 'uniform'. I bought a cute white pleated tennis skirt which I dug out from the Nike Girls section x_X but who cares as long as it's cute and fits me X3 Schedule is pretty free and easy as long as you do your work. We joked around alot and sneak down to buy stuff XD;; On the last day of the sale, the boss treated us all some Sushi King and we could order whatever we want XD

Popped by into Roxy to try a bikini and I manage to fit into a kids sized bikini size 8 =w=;;; Only bad thing is that it's made for those flat chested kiddos and not me TwT so my assets were kinda squished. It's like trying to squeeze C cups into an A cup bra

As for those who ordered the NYX stuff, I'm so sorry to say it's halted for a while as there's no on going spree for that site but she'll inform me once there is.

Yesterday's outing was awesome @_@;;; Came back at 3am which is a new record for me~ >w< Star Trek next XD and there better be meatballs!

Banzai for sweet life~

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  1. Thanks for the info on Nike Warehouse sales...
    Can't believe my favourite shirt now is the Red Nike Shirt i bought there XD