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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Holiday Mood

Langkawi was awesome! Filled with eating, drinking and peaceful walks on the beaches! >o</ I'm just too darn lazy to give a full detail report but it was just awesome, awesome, awesome! I got tipsy for the first time X3. Very weird experience but I'd rather be tipsy/drunk in the comfort of my own home next time >w<

Meet Kacang the resident dog XD Super friendly fella who's always lounging lazily somewhere around the guest house.

Sadly we couldn't bring back more liquor. Damn airport rules >_> I brought back tons of chocolates, 3 bottles of minature Absolutes and 3/4 bottle of Sheridan's. Found Reese's minature peanut butter cups 3 hours before our flight *_* Bailey's was super cheap too, RM82 for 2 bottles! Surprisingly no sign of cosmetics at all except for perfumes, only found the rest of the cosmetics at the airport and they were the same price as KL =w=;;

Sunday was out to Sunway for some window shopping and got dragged into playing a game where I had to molest a guy to find as many masking tapes as I can that was stuck on his body ><. Worth it I guess since I got to redeem a H2O bath set from the bunch of vouchers in the goodie bags =D and a free facial and body wrap coming up on Tues and Wed <3

Came back in time to celebrate Mother's Day. Amazing since my family isn't one to make such hoo haa over these events let alone birthdays. We ate at Coliseum which is a very old restaurant along Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman. Bad food, bad price, bad stomach nuff said. My car had blessings from the pigeons too...

Their masterpiece after 2 hours... *stones* Trust me, you don't wanna see the roof >_>;; I can't reach the roof to take pics of the disaster anyway. Thank god it was time for a wash and service but I still couldn't help feeling embarassed driving it back TwT

From the driver's seat T____T

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