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Friday, May 15, 2009

Shoes and More Shoes Madness~

I've been arguing with myself to get a pair of shoes from ClothesBucket but the price just stops me in my tracks >w< RM160 is too much for me for a pair of shoes D8 I was actually planning to get one once my pay comes in but... hello Charles and Kieth~~~ They sell similiar shoes, much more comfortable too I might add and most of the shoes there only cost RM129.90. I'm most certainly investing in a pair especially when students get a 15% discount when they flash their student pass for this week XD there's also an additional 10% discount if you can dig out this month's MYC mag for their coupon *w*.

Happy over the money in my savings, happy that my money plans are not screwed~~~~ *floats*

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