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Saturday, April 4, 2009


There was a dead rat lying at the corner of the boutique, a few steps from my office. All of us were quite puzzled on how it got there. The answer came crawling in the afternoon when this cat refused to budge from that area. In the evening, the cat was gone, so was the head of the rat....

I'm suddenly starting to wonder whether would I be able to pass this internship. I've just checked my friends weekly reports and truthfully, my work is horribly easy compared to theirs. Despite getting good comments from clients, having my work actually published in the newspaper and also securing a good mark in my evaluation, I'm still not confident in scrapping an A.

Curses for bad phone cam but I like the concept used

There's a 'I'm officially SICK! (of work)', 'BRB (I'm in the loo)' and 'I've gone (to maintain my fat intake)'

Lastly have a smile from Devi's =)

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