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Thursday, April 9, 2009

At Least I'm Not a Drug Addict...... Right? x_X

Someone please stop me from spendinggggggg *screams*, and you would think sitting at home would help you save money. Well IT DOESN'T! T___T I just bought the legendary Dr. Feel Good and Kitten Goes to Paris saving my money by at least RM80 and I did it all by just facing my computer T_T\

Dr. Feel Good helps to control oil so your face won't look shiny on camera and your face feels awesome until it's time to shower. Once you start scrubbing your face, it feels darn oily as though the Feel Good was holding your face pores from throwing up oil. Darn thing retails for RM135 thanks to the price hike announcement but I'm buying it online for RM115. Kitten Goes to Paris is a nice cute puff that gives your skin some shimmer when you dab it <3. Good for night events and you can also dab it on your hair =D. Original price is RM135 but I got it for RM73 at Benefit's website as it's one of their discounted products XD

I'm gonna coop up (not a rare thing anyway) in my room for the next few days since that arsed supervisor of mine brought the report dateline foward. 3 out of 20 pages, I see a lot more progress is needed.

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