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Sunday, April 5, 2009

NomNom Day

Food was good, same for shopping. Forever 21 is gonna be my new place to shop for shoes. Now only if they stock up size 5 instead of only having 7-9. Popped in Make Up Store and found a good item =D Their skin serum is just godly and the effect is instant! It gives you skin as smooth as a baby's butt! >w< I'm still swooning over the effect. Can't wait to buy it and try it on my face! XD

Shopping in Pavilion is wonderful cuz all the staff there are very friendly. I dropped by Acca Kappa and the guy gave some lecture on the combs @_@. Not very convincing honestly, it looks just like the brushes I see elsewhere. The salesperson at Make Up Store was talking gibberish or maybe I just couldn't understand cuz he was explaining in very poor English =( Pity but I admire him for explaining whatever I laid my eyes on though I prefer if I can just pick out whatever I want and examine it in peace. MAC had some stuck up salesgirls, the pouches filled with brushes are just to show off zzzz. They practically ignored me when I wanted to enquire about their primer.

Food trip was good, a pity we couldn't eat the egg custard. We had prawn mee at Pudu, One Sided Love and Make Love shakes somewhere behind Pudu LRT station then headed to Imbi and walked till some shop called Wee Seng Heng for Pork Noodle Soup and awesome egg tarts. The pastry was nice and crispy like a puff X3. Then walked to Pavilion and got my 2 year old Strawberry Lecka-Lecka and had Zang Toi Chocolate Banana Cake in Parkson XD. Darn I feel so fat now.

Now we just have to find a day to eat nothing but those wonderful egg custards XD~ Before that... I gotta satisfy my craving for pizza!

*prances to Single Ladies*

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