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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nike: Just Do It

Yay 1 job down, one more to go. Went for the interview and got hired =D so I'll start work on 28th~ During my job as a flyer girl, I got to kacau this silly cat XD.

The most ebil cat ever~ <3

And I dumped it on the trash can when it tried to enter the complex. No news of it the next day lol.

Got this Lancome make up base for free too~ <3

Hopped into Teri's house during one of the days and saw this cute pot *_* *molests* Only RM30 and inside was BKT haha.


Skin's getting better *w* Most of the rashes are gone thx to some pampering and moisturizer XD;; Thank god I kept some face masks :3 Now there's only dry itchy stuff on my eye lids.

Being hired also means I won't be able to go for the MPH distributor's warehouse sale sadly. Thankfully, King will be helping me get the books I want XD. Prolly The Gift and one of Torey Hayden's books X3333

Ah~ Life is sweet..... for now lol.

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